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BringItIn A utility for importing an image into UltraFractal
    Here's a very simple dialog program that allows you to open an image file and save it as a custom UCL for use in UltraFractal.  It has a very simple interface.

    Update -10/14/07   Two new templates are available for BringItIn.  They both add a new trap parameter called "Trap Alpha Threshold".  This new setting filters out transparent pixels.  The range is 0.0 to 1.0.  When set to 0.0 no pixels are filtered out.  When set to 1.0, only completely opaque pixels are trapped.  Values in between will filter out pixels if their alpha value is lower than the setting.  This also allows creation of interesting mask layers.  There is also a new setting for the filtering options that allows transparent pixels to be filtered out.  There is also a new "Bicubic interpolation" option.  When filtering there's now an option to keep the original opacity of the pixels (works well with the new trap setting). If you haven't downloaded BringItIn already download it and the zip file linked here and unzip the files into the BringItIn directory.
    Update-09/13/06 Version 1.6180339 is the latest version  

Clicking on the browse button next to the "Image To Import" field, brings up a dialog box that enables you to select from a wide range of image files.  Once selected the name of the file is copied into the name field and if you have selected a default directory to save files to, the Save To... field is filled in.

Clicking on the browse button next to the Save To... field brings up a dialog box that allows you to create a coloring file for later use in UltraFractal.  The new coloring algorithm will be appended to the end of this file.

Change the name of the coloring algorithm created in the Name field.

BringItIn now uses templates.  You can choose any template using the Template drop down box.  Two basic templates come pre-installed.  The standard, which is basically the same as in previous versions.  The other basic template is Standard-Non Direct, which creates a coloring algorithm that uses the gradient to determine the color at each pixel.  That one is pretty much the same as in previous versions.

Interested formula writers can create their own templates very simply.  The templates are files that reside in the BringItIn directory.  Any file with an extension of ".tpl" is a template file.  Simply copy one of the 2 supplied, modify it to suit your needs, and save it to a different file.  The next time you start BringItIn it will be listed in the drop down box.

Click on the Directories button to bring up a new dialog that allows you to choose the default directories that BringItIn uses when browsing for images and files to save to.

Things to be aware of:

Here's the zip file.  It'll unzip the files to a folder called "BringItIn"
 Bring It In Utility

 For a basic explanation of the variables from the Standard templates go here.

Here is a quick image I created.  A fractal portrait of the artist.

    BringItIn is free for both commercial use and private use.  It is licensed under the GFDL.  Please before importing a picture make sure you have permission to use the picture.

    If you've gotten enjoyment out of this little utility, and you feel so inclined, I would suggest making a small donation to your favorite charity.

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