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1.  Unless stated otherwise, all images, text and other material on this website are copyrighted to Mark Hammond. 
No images, text or other material are in the public domain.

2.  Personal private use of images by Mark Hammond is free.  Personal use includes and is not limited to:  screen saver, wall paper, printing low res images on your printer (high res images are not available on this website, for a high res, high quality print, visit
My PrintRoom GalleryAn email or entry in the guestbook is appreciated.

3.   Public non-commercial use is free but requires permission and will most likely be granted for the following purposes:  inclusion on a non profit website, use in other artwork, inclusion in a school report, etc.  Inclusion on a website will require a copyright notice and a link to Beautiful Andes.  Mark Hammond retains the right to revoke permission.

4.   The poems/stories or other text written by Mark Hammond may be linked to but not redistributed without express written permission.

5.   Commercial use will require a license.  Contact me for terms.

6.   When in doubt, write me.  Believe me, I love it when someone wants to use one of my images.

7.   In the future other artists may display their work here, and they decide their terms of use, so before using any other artists work, make sure you have their permission.

8.   Don't forget to sign the guestbook.

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